Camp Pollock is located 3 miles north of Pollock, Louisiana.  
The location is  6778 Hwy 165    Pollock, LA 71467
Campground Office Manager: Dawn Edwards
Campground Caretaker: Craig Carter
   Above and Beyond

Hello Friends!

It will soon be that time of year again--the time when Camp Pollock gets in full swing and one week after another brings folks to enjoy the pleasures and spiritual atmosphere that accompany a visit to our beautiful grounds.  But all the creature comforts that we've come to expect during a stay at Camp Pollock require continual upkeep, which is just another way to say continual expense!  

Thank you to each of you who pray, labor, and last but not least, thank you to those who give your offerings to Camp Pollock.  Being said, a couple of repair jobs that were on the agenda were: Replace 4 roofs on cabins, dorms and Missionary Cottage. The Property Ministry Team has replaced two of these roofs, installed LED lighting throughout the grounds, replaced culvert by the pond, etc.  

For the those that do not get to visit or stay on our Pollock campgrounds, you may have wondered from time to time why we are continually asking for your financial support—where do the funds go? So you see, in order to continue to upkeep of our grounds, we need you. Any extra funds you can give to help us with Campground Improvement. The Property Ministry Team members are doing the best we can to wisely spend the available budgeted monies to make needed improvements, but your help is needed also. If you or your church is able to give to this cause, please send your check to Church of God State Campground, 6778 Hwy 165, Pollock, LA  71467.  If you want your givings to go toward a special project, such as: replace roofs, write Camp Development on the memo line.  If you want your giving to go toward the General Camp Fund, which will cover all expenses of the campground, please write General Fund on the memo line.  

Thank you ahead of time for your generosity in giving “above and beyond” the usual. I know God will bless you “above and beyond” what you may expect as you generously share in God’s work here at our Pollock State Campgrounds.  

Sincerely in Christ,
Brad Beebe, Chairman, PCA Property Ministry Team
Your Pollock Campground Association Property MT