State Coordinator: Steve Nelson

Ministries Council
Coordinator: Steve Nelson
Chair: Dale Fontenot
Vice Chair: Ray Owens
Secretary: Sandra Cooley
Treasurer: Ham Benson
Members at Large: Sarah Morgan, Ray Owens, 
 Bart Riggins,Barbara Simon, Jason Strong

Church Planting Ministry Team
Coordinator: Steve Nelson
Chair: Paul Ninemire
Members at Large: Duane Fontenot, Eric Johnson, Butch Knieper,             David Radford 

Program Ministry Team
Coordinator: Steve Nelson
Chair: Keith Gillespie
Members at Large: LaVonya Malveaux, Isaac Riggins, 
CWC: Barbara Williams
Men's Fellowship: Rocky East
State Youth: Emily Fontenot

Pastoral Health and Growth Ministry Team
Coordinator: Steve Nelson
Chair: Bart Riggins
Members at Large: Dalyn Helbling,  Doyce Smith, Jonathan Williams
SHAPE: Ray Jones

Church Health and Growth Ministry Team
Coordinator: Steve Nelson
Chair: Deidra Johnson
Members at Large: Stephen Nelson, Jerry Sharp

Credentials Ministry Team
Coordinator: Steve Nelson
Chair: Victor Simon
Members at Large:  Dale Fontenot, David Radford, Thomas Riggins,              Ken Sifford, Jason Strong, Shawn Waggoner


​Board of Directors
  Walter Bonner, Chair (2019)
  Ray Owens, Vice-Chair (2019)
  Victor Simon, Secretary (2018) 
  Furdon “Ham” Benson, Treasurer (2018) (Resigning 2017)
  Mike Lamb, Elected (3 years - 2018)
  Jason Strong, Elected (3 years - 2019)
  Sandra Cooley, Elected (3 years – 2020)
  David Radford, Elected (3 years - 2020)
  Aaron Nelson (Camp Meeting MT Chair)
  Joey Pepmiller (Business MT Chair)
  Scott Lamb (CE MT Chair) 
  Bob Schlemmer (Property MT Chair)
  Steve Nelson – State Coordinator

Business Ministry Team
  Joey Pepmiller, Chair (3 years - 2020)
  Keri Mitchell, Vice-Chair (3 years - 2019)  
  Stella Peace, Secretary (3 years - 2020) 
  Ray Owens (2 years - 2019)
  David Gardner (3 years- 2020)  
  Steve Nelson – Ex-officio

Campmeeting Program Ministry Team
  Aaron Nelson Elected (3 years 2019)  
  Bob Schlemmer, Vice-Chair/Property Chair 
  Scott Lamb, CE Chair
  Bobby Durr, Elected (2020)
  Walter Bonner (Chair of Assoc)
  Steve Nelson, Consultant

 Christian Education Ministry Team
  Scott Lamb, Chair (3 years – 2018)
  Elizabeth Williams, Vice-Chair (3 years - 2020)
  Martha Lamb, Secretary (3 years - 2020)
  Shelia Mason (2018) filling unexpired term
  Trudi Irby (3 years – 2019)
  Steve Nelson – Ex-officio

Property Ministry Team
  Bob Schlemmer, Chair (3 years - 2019)
  Gerald Cooley, Vice-Chair (3 years – 2020)
  Dale Green, Secretary (3 years - 2020)
  Brad Beebe (3 years – 2019)
  Larry McCullough (3 years - 2020)
  Steve Nelson, Ex-Officio


President:  Dale Fontenot
  Vice President : Victor J. Simon
Secretary: Gene Rosby
Assistant Secretary: LaVerne Ford
Treasurer Member: Joseph Rucker
Jerold Fontenot
W. Erick Johnson
Rick McClain
Bartholomew Riggins
Isaac Riggins
Barbara Simon
Jason Strong